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  • Reach wood industry decision makers across the world.
  • Fordaq offers you access to the largest base of key decision makers in the wood industry. Our readers are active across the whole range of the forest and wood transformation industry from 176 countries.

Advertising solutions

News Blaster

Blending text, images and video to provide an overview of your company and what it offers.

Features Standard
500 Euro
1000 Euro
Pictures in the article
Facts box
Picture slide show
Advertising of article on website
(20.000 impressions)
Promotion in social media

Extra options

  • Video in the article - 300 Euro
  • Creation of article and/or video - quote upon request
  • Translation & publication in another language - 75% of original amount for 1st language and 50% for each subsequent translation
NOTE: For each advertising product you can define the delivery options: period, page on the website, country/continent, language, day of the week, time of the day.

FORDAQ representatives at your service

Fordaq has sales representatives in most of the main wood markets in Europe and Asia thus enabling us to have background information on prospective members and to keep a high quality level of users. This team is also at your disposal to help you choose the best advertising solution for your company.