Austria produced over 1 million tonnes of wood pellets in 2016

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With 1,07 million tonnes of production, the domestic pellet industry in Austria set a new record last year.  Domestic consumption is significantly below production, with 895,000 tonnes of pellets.

Christian Rakos, Managing Director of proPellets Austria: "It is regrettable that the domestic demand for wood pellets grows slower than production. If we were to take our commitments from the Paris Climate Change Agreement seriously, domestic consumption of pellets would have to increase much faster. This has much to do with the influence of the oil and gas industry on domestic energy policy."

Pellets from Austria are in demand on the international markets due to their high quality. Almost 90% of domestic production has the relevant quality seal ENplus.

An increase in domestic pellet production is also expected for the year 2017, while a new wood pellets plant of the company Cycleenergy is currently under production at Gresten in Lower Austria. Other production sites are also currently under discussion.

The solid steady growth of domestic pellet production is one reasons for the extraordinary stability of the pellet price.

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