Mouldings - Profiled Timber Meranti, Dark Red Nemesu, Seraya Red PEFC FSC

Species: Meranti, dark red (Nemesu, Seraya red) Certification: PEFC/FSC Clear all
offer 18247002 04 Jul 2021 04:00

PEFC Certified Meranti Finger Joint and Finger Joint Laminated wood

Solid wood type: Asian Hardwood, Species: Meranti, dark red (Nemesu, Seraya red), Species origin: Malaysia, Type: Door Jambs, Trim, Scantlings, Frame, Quantity: 20 - 40 m3 Spot - 1 time , Thickness: 10 - 86 mm, Width: 20 - 1220 mm, Length: 200 - 6000 mm, Quality: Select and Standard and Better ( A,
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