Coronavirus: Trump bans most travel from Europe; trade is not affected

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The United States has imposed a general entry ban on people wishing to travel to the United States from Europe for 30 days because of the coronavirus. According to President Trump, the entry ban is to come into force on Friday at midnight US time.

Because of the spread of the coronavirus, the United States imposes an entry ban for foreigners from Europe. "We will suspend all travel from Europe to the United States for the next 30 days," Trump said at a White House rare address to the nation. Americans who undergo appropriate tests are exempt. 

Trump initially alluded to the ban affecting trade, but refuted that statement in a later tweet writing “trade will in no way be affected.”

The measure applies only to the members of the Schengen area and not the whole European Union, as a White House tweet later clarified. The measure also does not apply to travelers from the United Kingdom. 

Trump blamed the EU to not have taken the same protective measures as the US and not stopping traveling from China to Europe early enough. Trump had already blocked entry for foreign travelers who had been to China in late January. 

Trump also announced that he would ask Congress for legislative action to provide payroll tax relief, as well as other measures for several groups impacted by the virus.

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