Delta variety puts Vietnam and Indonesia into another lockdown

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Due to the raging delta variety of the Corona virus that currently kills hundreds of citizens each day in Indonesia, the government as decided on another lockdown until August 2nd – so far. Only essential work is allowed. All other factories need to close in wide parts of the country such as Java and Bali as well as offices. Even the essential offices are only allowed to work with half of the employees at a time.

In Vietnam the covid cases rise far above 6000 per day, spreading from the south and mainly there many factories are allready closed. Some provinces in the south however allow the "3 acts in 1 place" system that gives te opportunity to continue production as long as all workers never leave the factory. Some chose to do so, others not, as the Fordaq network reports. But from this week on also Hanoi city is in lockdown.

In Malaysia meanwhile there is no general restriction so far. The east produces as usual – with 50% of the office staff working from home, while the production itself is running. In western peninsular Malaysia some factories are closed due to a high number of Covid cases.

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