Germany: Producer price index for sawmill by-products falls at the beginning of the year

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According to the Federal Statistical Office, the German producer price indices for commercial products such as sawn timber, sawmill by-products and pellets were mostly down in January 2023 compared to the previous month. The index for sawmill by-products sharply intensified its downward movement, that for sawn spruce stagnated and that for beech increased. In detail, the indices developed as follows:

sawn spruce or fir: 139,3 points ( -0,21% )

sawn hardwood: 143 points ( 1,35% )

sawn beech: 142,5 points ( 1,71% )

sawn oak: 144,7 points ( 0,00% )

by-products: 154,4 points ( -8,80% )

pellets: 203,4 points ( -10,48% )

You get to the table with these and further calculations here.

Additional graphs you find here.

Data source: Destatis: producer price indices for commercial products

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