Lamel Legno: interview in Nantes with the specialist of solid wood panels and profiles

Christian Morasso
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At the Carrefour du Bois in Nantes we met our proud member and long time client of Fordaq, Lamel Legno S.r.l., based in Montefalcone del Sannio, right in the center of Italy.

Since 1990, this small but dynamic production serves panels and profiles to all European markets productions of windows, doors, kitchens, furniture and many other items.

Lamel Legno: interview in Nantes with the specialist of solid wood panels and profiles

Interview in Carrefour du Bois with owner Ing.Sammartino and sales manager Dott.ssa Stefania Minichillo


Fordaq: Eng. Sammartino, what is your "secret" in a so competitive market?

Sammartino: Lamel Legno carefully selects each supplier and purchases exclusively superior quality raw materials: wood of various essences, coming from certified forests and not subject to illegal cutting in compliance with European regulations, processed with the most advanced cutting, drying and gluing technologies.

F: Any new technology in production?

S: Yes, last year we increased our production layout with 1600m2 to implement a new Weinig Grecon finger jointing production completely automatic and a new Powermat 3000 for sanding and a new press Dimter increasing our productivity for small and big distributors and industries. Now we reached 50.000m2 production area.

F: As a circular production are you developing something?

S: Since 25 years our Company is dedicated to select the best and most responsable suppliers of wood and we have a full solar power energy production of 1MW. Implementing new up-to-date tools such as and digitalising our raw material stock with , we can mitigate any risk of lack of supply, optimize productivity and give a modern and easy to manage intranet ordering to our clients.  Now the new task is to certify also our Due Diligence management with SG and recognize CSRD, our support to carbon removal in the World.

F: What is the future of solid wood panels production?

S: Since long time we assist to many closures in Europe of big names and productions, as well the import and birth of productions from the East Europe but also Asia now, very aggressive. It is an endless competition. But as soon as final users realize that a partner lasts for long time, assisting them to develop special products but also reducing the risk of delamination, low quality of wood, readiness in supplies and, now, sourcing from eco-friendly wood supplies, we are prized and our size is perfect for this, together with our experience.

F: So you are now specialized in many products?

S: basically we are specialized in engineered wood products such as window and door scantlings, edge glued solid and FJ panels, mostly from hardwoods timber e.g. Oak, Beech, Ash, Iroko, Sapelli, but we can also produce customized dimensions and wood species on request and we are always  flexible to follow new market requirementsWindow scantlings, Solid wood panels, Finger Jointed panels, 3 layers panels, panels for stairs in Oak, Beech, Ash, Pine, Sapelli, Iroko.


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Lamel Legno srl
Zona Industriale Tratturello SS 650 KM50
Montefalcone nel Sannio – 86033 (CB)
Phone:+39 0874 877752 | +39 0874 877823

Sales Manager:

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