Almost 10 million cubic metre storm damage in Polish forests

Polish State Forest/Fordaq
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Sturmwurf PolenA storm on 11 and 12 August 2017 in western Poland caused a damage of 9.8 million thrown and broken wood on an area of 80,000 hectares. Particularly the regions of Pomerania and Kuwajy have been affected from the storm. According to general director Konrad Tomaszewski this ist he biggest catastrophy in the 90 year history of the Polish state forest. The clearance works are expected to last until the end of 2019. Afterwards the reforestation can start, says Tomaszewski

The storm had wind speeds from 100 to 150 km/h and reached from the Baltic Sea coast to Lower Silesia. More the 60 counties have been affected. The region around Toruń and Gdansk has taken the worst damages, especially the counties Lipusz (up to 2.3 mill. m3), Rytel (2 mill. m3), Czersk (0.9 mill. m3), Bytów (0.65 mill. m3), Runowo (0.66 mill. m3) and Gniezno (0.8 mill. m3). Alone in Toruń 5.5 million m3 have been thrown. Besides spruce and pine also broad leaved trees have been affected, particularly oak and birch

22 nature reserves and 134 Natura 2000 habitats have been damaged and valuable seed stocks have been destroyed. Besides that infrastructure was destroyed or damaged, like forest streets, bridges, power lines and buildings in the forests.

A contingency plan has been already set into effect. Forest companies have been ordered for clearance works. Weekly conferences of a crisis team shall guarantee optimal coordination.

The adaptation of the existing forest business plans is running and a finance and business plan for 2018 is set up. For the affected forest owners 35 million Złoty (PLN) have been funded, says Konrad Tomaszewski.

Map of the storm throws in Poland:

Übersichtskarte Sturmholz Polen

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