US hardwood plywood imports flatten

February 20, 2024
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US imports of hardwood plywood rose less than 1% as imports stabilized at a level well above last winter’s volume. The 277,333 cu.m of plywood imported in December was 81% higher than the volume of wood imported in December 2022. Imports from Indonesia rose 57% to their highest level of the year.

In 2023, Indonesia supplanted Vietnam as the top supplier of hardwood plywood to the US, despite a 37% drop in volume. Imports from Vietnam fell 49% for the year. Total imports were down by 25% in 2023 versus the previous year with imports from Malaysia, China, and Russia all falling more than 50%.

Veneer imports surge in December

US imports of tropical hardwood veneer rose 24% in December. The surge placed December imports 2% ahead of December 2022 levels. Gains in imports from Italy (up 79%) and Cameroon (up 14%) more than made up for declines in imports from China and India.

For 2023, imports of tropical hardwood veneer fell by 4% as imports from 2022 top-supplier Italy plunged by 75%. The US switched to imports from Cameroon, which rose 310% in 2023. Imports from Ghana rose 54% in 2023 as the US increasingly turned to Africa for veneer. Imports from India, the #2 supplier in 2022, fell 25% last year.