• Corona Virus
  • November 27, 2020 09:50

China-Europe container shortage causes major surge in freight rates

The recovery in China's manufacturing activity after the Covid-19 lockdown has surged progressively and after a halt caused by quarantine measure in the European countries, demand for Chinese products in Europe has increased...... [more...]

  • Forestry
  • November 24, 2020 10:17

Arauco reports increased sales for 3Q/2020

Arauco, one of the largest global wooden panel manufacturer, reported sales revenues of USD 1,202.9 million during the third quarter of 2020 (3Q-2020),...... [more...]

  • Special Reports
  • November 23, 2020 10:16

West Fraser acquires Norbord for US$ 3.1 billion

West Fraser Timber Co. Ltd. and Norbord Inc. announced that they have entered into a strategic business combination pursuant to which West Fraser, a leading North American diversified... [more...]

  • Panels
  • November 20, 2020 10:32

Norbord to permanently close 100 Mile House OSB mill

Norbord Inc. says it is permanently closing its oriented strandboard mill (OSB) in the central B.C. community of 100 Mile House after suspending operations there in August 2019...... [more...]

  • Corona Virus
  • November 20, 2020 10:12

US wood industry not impacted as much as feared

According the latest survey results from Woodworking Network the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the woodworking industry is diminishing even as there seems to be a new surge in infections...... [more...]

  • Panels
  • November 20, 2020 09:26

Rise in the output of China’s wood-based panel

It has been reported that the output of China’s wood-based panel sector in 2019 rose 3% year on year to 308.59 million cubic metres...... [more...]

  • Panels
  • November 19, 2020 10:05

Indonesia: Furniture and handicraft exports to US and EU beat expectations

Indonesia continues to see growth in wood product exports to the US despite the impact of the global pandemic. The Minister of Environment and Forestry has indicated that exports to the US rose around 16% year on year in the period January to October 2020...... [more...]

  • Forestry
  • November 18, 2020 10:28

UK imports of tropical hardwood plywood from China rising

The UK imported 83,500 cu.m of tropical hardwood faced plywood from China in the first nine months of this year, 47% less than the same period last year...... [more...]

  • Panels
  • November 17, 2020 09:32

Dieffenbacher to modernise plants in Germany, Poland and Vietnam

Wood-based panels manufacturing systems provider Dieffenbacher has shared details on a number of plant modernisations projects designed to help panel producers stay competitive...... [more...]

  • Corona Virus
  • November 16, 2020 09:50

Brazil: Domestic demand recovering and exports of most wood products rising

At the beginning of the pandemic there were forecasts of reductions in domestic demand and exports, notably of solid wood products...... [more...]

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