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  • March 04, 2021 13:36

Peru: Exports of wood products declined in 2020

The FOB value of semi-manufactured Peruvian wood product exports in 2020 totalled US$55.4 million representing a year on year decline of 31%... [more...]

  • Forestry
  • March 04, 2021 09:24

High demand for wood-based materials leads to bottlenecks in Switzerland

The Swiss wood-based materials market is increasingly struggling with delivery bottlenecks, especially for OSB and three-layer, but also for MDF boards. The reason for this is the increased demand ...... [more...]

  • Panels
  • March 03, 2021 13:23

Canadian decision on China’s plywood

In January 2021 the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) terminated the dumping and subsidy investigation in respect of certain decorative and non-structural plywood originating in or exported from China...... [more...]

  • Forestry
  • March 02, 2021 13:38

Indonesia’s exports of wood products better than expected in 2020

Indonesia’s exports of forest and wood products to all destinations held up better than expected in 2020...... [more...]

  • Panels
  • March 02, 2021 11:36

Homag Group reports positive results in a challenging year

Despite all the challenges, the HOMAG Group was able to close the 2020 financial year with a positive result...... [more...]

Market Prices
  • Market Prices
  • March 02, 2021 10:38

Lumber prices reached all-time high in February

The dual Canada/U.S. long weekend in mid-February did nothing to slow demand for lumber, with prices rising accordingly. To the amazement of all, the price of benchmark lumber commodity Western Spruce-Pine-Fir KD 2×4 #2&Btr surpassed the all-time high of US$966 mfbm in August 2020...... [more...]

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  • March 02, 2021 10:18

China: Rise in sales of flooring products in 2020

According to data from the China Forest Products Industry Association annual sales of flooring products rose 1.35% to 903 million square metres in 2020...... [more...]

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  • March 01, 2021 12:16

Malaysia: 2020 timber industry performance

The Malaysian Timber Industry Board (MTIB) has reported last year’s performance of the timber sector. Exports were RM 22.02 bil (RM 22.50 bil in 2019) while total imports were RM 6.81 bil (RM 5.95 bil in 2019)...... [more...]

  • Forestry
  • March 01, 2021 10:22

Good 2021 start for Brazilian wood product exports

In January 2021 Brazilian exports of wood-based products (except pulp and paper) increased 22.8% in value compared to January 2020, from US$206.6 million to US$253.6 million...... [more...]

  • Corona Virus
  • February 26, 2021 14:15

European laminate flooring sector grows 2.74% in 2020 despite pandemic

Despite special circumstances in 2020, Association of European Producers of Laminate Flooring (EPLF) has announced that their members were able to grow their business by 2.74% in comparison to 2019, with 459.0 million m² of flooring sold...... [more...]

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