New Spraying/Dotting Glue Systems

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Category type Machines and technical equipment for surface finishing
Category Automatic spraying machines
Brand MK


Condition of the item New
Date of manufacture 2018
Volume 1 - 1000
Description Dotting glue systems is used for wood based panel field.This system is a new method of sizing, which uses steam to spray the glue by expansion atomization, makes the glue more fully and evenly with the fiber, improves the utilization of glue, reduces the plaque of the finished plate and improves its quality. According to actual use, the glue 5kg~12kg is saved. The whole system is composed of steam pressure ejection system, glue sprinkler system, atomizing sprinkler group, constant pressure automatic cleaning system, glue sprinkler anti blocking detection system and so on. The system can monitor the change of sizing quantity and output in real time. The whole system is controlled by PLC, hum
Two. Main features

1. compared with traditional spraying process, the glue distribution is more uniform, save glue can reach 5kg-12kg, reduce the glue spot.
2. the user can set the nozzle pressure according to the production process. The system can automatically adjust the steam and glue pressure to ensure the atomization effect of spray glue.
3. PLC control system is adopted to avoid using MCU to deal with the problem of on-site interference.
4. sprinkler head is equipped with pressure sensor to display the pressure of the rubber sprayer in real time.
5. each sprinkler system is equipped with separate pneumatic valves, which can work independently and efficiently in real time.
6. equipped with constant pressure water supply system, it can automatically clean sprinklers in real time.
7. each valve is equipped with position feedback switch to avoid misoperation and check whether the valve is in place.
8. software uses a large number of graphical interfaces, making the system more convenient to use.
9. adopt advanced PLC control system and host computer monitoring system to make the system more stable and intuitive.
10. the intuitive alarm system can provide valve location alarm, sprinkler blocking alarm, pressure alarm, etc.
11. steam distribution pipe, glue pipe, water pipe, water pipe, all equipped with pressure sensor, can display the pressure of each medium in real time, and can adjust automatically according to the user set.
12. the whole Chinese operating system, the operation is simple and reliable.
13. the automatic sizing system uses the weight reducing flow scale to accurately measure the flow rate of the glue, avoiding the error caused by the abrasion of the rubber pump according to the speed and the glue quantity.
14. PLC continuously adjusts the output glue automatically. According to the instantaneous change of fiber flow, it can achieve a constant proportion of glue and volume.
15. linkage with compressor productivity test, capacity feedback, and timely control of density change.
16.we can observe the flow and productivity of rubber and fiber at any time, and the historical data.
17. with automatic fault alarm and intelligent prompt function, accelerate the speed of fault handling.
18. middle tank liquid level detection, automatic feeding.
19. convenient production management and cost control, and can generate EXCEL interaction and interface operation.

Three. Equipment design
1. such as the single day yield 400m per minute 8--12kg/min group fand, nozzle flow calculation, the highest amount of glue 72T daily, spraying group 6 group configuration.
2. the design of our shotcrete pipe is diameter root (customized), the wall thickness is 10mm, the length is 1500mm.

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