offer #18207450 Mon Jun 24 15:00:38 CEST 2019

Solid Oak Profiles Ramp / Door End / Stairs

Solid wood type: European Hardwood, Species: Oak, Species origin: Czech Republic
offer #18208735 Mon Jun 24 15:00:22 CEST 2019

Ipe Anti Slip Decking 21 mm

Specie/material : Ipe (Lapacho), Key feature: FSC, Origin: Brazil
offer #18205445 Mon Jun 24 15:00:00 CEST 2019

PEFC Teak T&G Decking 20 mm

Specie/material : Teak, Key feature: PEFC, Origin: Indonesia
offer #18205450 Mon Jun 24 14:59:44 CEST 2019

Thermo Siberian Pine Decking E4E

Specie/material : Siberian Pine, Key feature: Thermo Treated
offer #18207433 Mon Jun 24 14:59:28 CEST 2019

Plywood Flooring Veneered Skirtings

Species origin: Czech Republic, Type: Skirtings
offer #18205641 Mon Jun 24 14:59:13 CEST 2019

Sauna Alder / Aspen / Cedar / Spruce Panels

Solid wood type: European Hardwood, Species: Common Black Alder
offer #18208736 Mon Jun 24 14:58:54 CEST 2019

Merbau Solid Clip Decking 22 mm

Specie/material : Merbau, Key feature: PEFC, Origin: Indonesia
offer #18208734 Mon Jun 24 14:58:38 CEST 2019

FSC Merbau Decking Anti Slip 25 mm

Specie/material : Merbau, Key feature: FSC, Origin: Indonesia
offer #18205643 Mon Jun 24 14:58:23 CEST 2019

Birch Anti Slip Film Faced Plywood, 4-40 mm thick

Plywood type: Film Faced Plywood (Brown Film)
offer #18211277 Mon Jun 24 14:58:00 CEST 2019

T&G Dark Red MerantI Decking, 28x145 mm

Specie/material : Meranti, dark red (Nemesu, Seraya red), Key feature: PEFC
offer #18211278 Mon Jun 24 14:57:42 CEST 2019

Dark Red Meranti Exterior Cladding 20 x 90 mm, RAUTE profile

Solid wood type: Asian Hardwood, Species: Meranti, dark red (Nemesu, Seraya red)
offer #18207274 Mon Jun 24 14:57:15 CEST 2019

Elliotis Pine Natural Plywood C+C grade

Plywood type: Natural Plywood, Species - face: Elliotis Pine (Pinus Elliotis)


The company AU-MEX Ltd. was founded as a producer of high-quality of Oak flooring. Besides this our company has become one of the major distributor of wooden decking, flooring, cladding, sauna profiles and plywood in Europe.

We do export all over the world. Our sales activity is focused primarily on wooden decking, wooden flooring and wooden cladding materials, made from european and exotic species. We are a big player on the market in plywood business. We can supply valuable Birch plywood, Elliotis Pine plywood for packaging industry and cheap Poplar plywood used in building industry. We have two sawmills in Russia producing tongue and groove softwood (Spruce, Pine) wall panneling, wooden cladding, Thermo products made from Pine and Ash and special Sauna profiles. As well as we import large quantity of tropical timber and products from Malaysia, Indonesia, South America, Canada, Russia and China. Thanks to many years of experience in these markets we offer our customers problem free quality, competitive prices, wide selection of products and rapid shipments. Au-Mex headquarter is located in Prague, Czech Republic. Besides doing business in our domestic market in the Czech republic, we do export to countries in Central, Western and Eastern European regions like England, Germany, Austria, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Slovakia, Romania, Moldova and Croatia. Also we do business with our customers in Lebanon, Iran, Pakistan, India, Japan, Australia and many others. Thanks to our experiences and connections with manufactures all over the world we are able to fulfill special requirements and inquiries of our customers in both quality and quantity. And that is our goal!


******, AU-MEX Ltd.
Mr. Petr Hanzal
Languages spoken
English (United Kingdom) , Deutsch
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Company information

Main activity: Wood exporter
VAT number (if any): CZ25349929
Employees: 51-100
Creation Date: 1997
Member since: 10/05/2017