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We deliver superior timber products to customers in any location.
Fedyuninskogo st., 3B, 198412 Saint-Petersburg,
St. Petersburg ,
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We deliver more than 250 superior wood products to customers in any location across Russia and abroad using land and sea transport. We care about the environment. Therefore, we have developed a closed cycle manufacturing process that meets all modern eco standards. Maintaining the highest standards of product quality is crucial for us. For this reason, on the input side, we carefully control raw material. On the processing side, we use superior machinery and tools from top rated global suppliers. Therefore, on the output side, we get excellent timber products. Our plants are equipped with advanced wood processing machinery. With the help of an experienced and highly qualified team, it is possible to make the best use of the latest technological solutions available in the wood industry.

Industry Specific Information

Other activities
  • Solid wood panels producer ,
  • Furniture component producer ,
  • Doors manufacturers ,
  • Stairs manufacturers ,
  • Shutters manufacturers ,
  • Flooring, parquet manufacturers ,
  • Mouldings manufacturer ,
  • Cladding, wall panelling manufacturer ,
  • Interior decoration manufacturers ,
  • Wood briquettes producer

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