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15/F Effectual Building 16 Hennessy, Wanchai, HK, 999077 Hong Kong
Hong Kong
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    Wood exporter
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Good Trade (HK) Limited was registered as a trading company for wood products designed for Asian markets (China, India, South Korea, Japan, Thailand). Our company was established in 1998 to supply wooden logs from Europe to Middle East and Asia. Since 2010 we've got representative offices within Europe (Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, France, Romania and Ukraine). Serious investments have been done to add business diversity and re-define the business adding production and supply chain. Now Good Wood brand is among industry leaders as a professional supplier of wood logs and flitches from Europe with an amount of slightly above 700,000cbm supplied to Asia in 2014. We offer the diversity of our products and deliver our goods all over the Globe. We believe that despite of market storms we could manage to reach our ambitious target 1.5Mcbm of wood products carried in 2015. Our support is own resources, knowledge and experience. We keep under control the whole chain from the planting of the tree in the forests till goods delivery to final customers' yards and stocks.

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Main activity
Wood exporter
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  • Logs exporter

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