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offer #17995038 Fri Feb 28 01:09:57 CET 2020

Balsamo Myroxylon Balsamum Logs From Mexico, Premium Grade

Product: Veneer Logs, Species: Balsamo Myroxylon Balsamum, Origin: Mexico
offer #17995032 Fri Feb 28 01:09:45 CET 2020

Granadillo Platymiscium Yucatanum Logs

Product: Veneer Logs, Species: Granadillo Platymiscium Yucatanum, Origin: Mexico
offer #17995037 Fri Feb 28 01:09:26 CET 2020

Tzalam Lysiloma Bahamensis (Caribbean Walnut), Veneer Grade

Product: Veneer Logs, Species: Tzalam Lysiloma Bahamensis
offer #17995040 Fri Feb 28 01:09:09 CET 2020

Katalox Swartzia Cubensis Purpleheart Logs Premium Grade

Product: Saw Logs, Species: Amarante - Purpleheart, Quality: PREMIUM GRADE
offer #17995036 Fri Feb 28 01:08:52 CET 2020

Chechen Metopium Brownei Logs (Black Poisonwood), Veneer Grade

Product: Veneer Logs, Species: Chechen Metopium Brownei
offer #17995039 Fri Feb 28 01:08:37 CET 2020

Machiche Lonchocarpus Castilloi Logs, Premium Grade

Product: Saw Logs, Species: Machiche Lonchocarpus Castilloi, Origin: Mexico
offer #17995034 Fri Feb 28 01:07:00 CET 2020

Ziricote Cordia Dodecandra Veneer Logs, 60 m3/month

Product: Veneer Logs, Species: Ziricote Cordia Dodecandra, Origin: Mexico


WHOLESALER \ TROPICAL LOGS \ VENEER & FURNITURE GRADE . In the relentless pursuit of humankind to modify the environment to their advantage. Respecting nature by promoting and encouraging respect ecological preservation as a way to improve the quality of life of human beings, was brewing our company, has thrown its responsibility and joining forces in the process of selection, cutting, handling and distribution of our products.

The characteristics of our company enable us to offer solutions that run in time to show our strength in the field logging and the assurance that the commitments are fulfilled in a timely manner. CORPORATE GREEN PLAN, a company which is incorporated by a team of highly skilled and fully committed to well-established ecological principles, the whole team contribute their knowledge of their experience and especially their delivery to meet the needs of customers. Achieving a national and international distribution, complying with all regulations and permits for export. VISION To achieve the proposed objectives by maintaining and regulating the ecological environment and position ourselves as a globally competitive company in harmony with nature. Mission It is satisfy our customer needs. folosofía To develop innovative projects with creativity and sensitivity to improve the habitat of humans. MOTTO Green Plan committed to the ecosystem. STRENGTH The characteristics of our company enable us to offer complete solutions, which run at a time of showing our great strength to create something extraordinary expressed dare plants and exotic woods.


******, Greenplancorp
Mr. Alejandro Villarreal
Languages spoken
English (United States) , English (United Kingdom) , Español

Company information

Main activity: Logs exporter
Turnover: 500 000-5 000 000 USD (US Dollar)
Employees: 51-100
Creation Date: 2006
Member since: 11/04/2012