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The Grilkoff company begins its history since 1997. The enterprise produces wood fuel pellets (pellets) on the German equipment of the company "Amandus Kahl", on the territory there are two technological lines with a capacity of 5 tons per hour and 4 tons per hour. We produce two types of pellets: light pellets (without bark) - premium class A1, 6 mm in diameter with ash content up to 0.7% and gray pellets (with bark) - industrial А2, 6 and 8 mm in diameter with ash content up to 1.2%. The raw material for the pellets is hardwood and softwood chips; pellets are pressed without any additives. Our products have received international certificates SBP and FSC. Product quality: • granule length ≤ 40mm, • glossy surface, • moisture ≤ 10%, • mechanical density ≥ 98%, • fine particles up to 0.5%, • ash content of a light granule from 0.3% to 0.7% , sulfur from 0.8% to 1.2%, • calorific value from 17 MJ / kg, • bulk density from 650 to 750 kg / m3, • ash melting temperature ≥ 1200 ° С. Shipments are carried out in big bags weighing 1000 -1200 kg and in small bags of 15 kg. Since March 2021, sawing of needles and hardwood was launched on an automated line with disk machines and a productivity of up to 2,100 m3 per month. The manufactured products have precise geometry and no waves. The use of saws with scoring knives allows you to get lumber as close to planed as possible.

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