offer #18377082 Fri May 06 14:37:53 CEST 2022

New Box Pallet

Type: Box Pallet, Origin: Russia, Quantity: 500 - 2000 piece per month
offer #18373766 Thu Mar 31 14:08:46 CEST 2022

Scots Pine/Spruce Coat Stands

Type: Coat Stands, Style: Design
offer #18373760 Thu Mar 31 14:03:27 CEST 2022

Spruce/Scots Pine Pergola - Arbour

Solid wood type: European Softwood
offer #18373755 Thu Mar 31 13:51:38 CEST 2022

Spruce/Scots Pine Dog House

Solid wood type: European Softwood
offer #18373754 Thu Mar 31 13:44:46 CEST 2022

Spruce/Scots Pine Flower Pot - Planter

Solid wood type: European Softwood
offer #18373740 Thu Mar 31 13:16:28 CEST 2022

Scots Pine/Spruce Decorative Fences

Solid wood type: European Softwood
offer #18373739 Thu Mar 31 13:07:36 CEST 2022

Scots Pine/Spruce Dining Table

Type: Dining Tables, Style: Design
offer #18373737 Thu Mar 31 12:56:47 CEST 2022

Scots Pine/Spruce Display Cabinets Storing Vegetables & Fruits

Type: Display Cabinets, Product name: Комод для овощей и фруктов, Style: Design
offer #18373734 Thu Mar 31 12:40:17 CEST 2022

Scots Pine/Spruce Sideboards Wine Storage

Type: Sideboards, Product name: Винный комод, Origin: Russia, Style: Design
offer #18373610 Wed Mar 30 13:49:47 CEST 2022

Scots Pine/Spruce Traditional Beds

Type: Beds, Product name: Кровать, Origin: Russia, Style: Traditional
offer #18373599 Wed Mar 30 13:03:20 CEST 2022

Production Complex for Sale, 4000 m2

Country: Russia, Company activity: Производство, Yearly turnover: 1 eur
offer #18373576 Wed Mar 30 10:55:38 CEST 2022

Storage Furniture

Type: Storage, Product name: Стеллаж, Origin: Russia, Style: Contemporary


The "Inter-Lum Real Estate" company has been working in wood processing industry since 2005. The company proved to be one of the timber manufacturing and selling leaders in Russia and Vladimir region especially.

Industrial power of the factory allows to dry and recycle different kinds of production up to 1.200³ m. every month. Our factory is equipped with hardware and facilities of the leading foreign producers («Weinig», «Ledinek», etc), which allow to gain qualitative product. Each step of remanufacture goes through severe quality control. Our employees have been taught by the Italian experts. The company has experience in export as well. We produce and sell top-quality timber of the coniferous tree species.

Company information

VAT number (if any): 3314006506
Employees: 11-20
Creation Date: 1992
Member since: 10/04/2019