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Itallegno is the ideal partner for companies and professionals operating in the wood sector

offer #18380257 Fri Mar 08 09:25:24 CET 2024

Aningré Blanc/Sapelli Plain Quartered Veneer, 0.5 mm Thick

Sliced veneer type: Natural Veneer, Species: Aningré blanc (Tanganyika Nuss)
offer #18341694 Fri Mar 08 09:06:58 CET 2024

Natural Veneer Sapelli Quartered, Plain

Sliced veneer type: Natural Veneer, Species: Sapelli (Sapele, Aboudikro, Penkwa
offer #18319228 Thu Mar 07 18:23:44 CET 2024

Kosipo Veneer with Quartered, Plain Cut, 0.5 mm Thickness

Sliced veneer type: Natural Veneer, Species: Kosipo (Omu, Penkwa, Heavy Sapelle)
offer #18354064 Thu Mar 07 18:21:28 CET 2024

Flat Cut Mahogany Natural Veneer, 0.5 mm

Sliced veneer type: Natural Veneer, Species: Mahogany, Cut: Flat cut, plain


Itallegno Spa is your ideal partner in the wood world. If you are a company or a professional and operate in the wood industry, in particular in the production of doors and panels, and veneer circles, even spliced, you are in the right place.

If your goal is to dress panels, implementing new aesthetic trends through selected essences from the world of fine wood design, we can help you. Thanks to our technical staff, coordinated with wise industrialized methodology, we at Itallegno Spa are at the forefront in offering a design product of high level and, above all, quality

Company information

Main activity: Sliced veneer producer
VAT number (if any): 00744600966
Turnover: 5 000 000-10 000 000 EUR (Euro)
Employees: 201-500
Creation Date: 1976
Member since: 28/01/2009