PrimaSort Sylwester Kołodziej

First hand timber logs for you!



“Prima Sort” is a company with long history on the Polish market. Our core business is trading with all kinds of European wood. We specialize in selling the harvested sawmill wood.

We are looking to establish long term cooperation with trading companies from around the world. We have our warehouses in Poland, Germany and Czech Republic and are ready to supply immediately with fresh cut timber logs as well as with processed wood (i.e. construction wood 80x80mm). Having our own fleet of trucks and very good relations with world class freight forwarders we can deliver our products at reasonable price to every corner of the world.


******, PrimaSort Sylwester Kołodziej
Mr. Sylwester Kołodziej
Languages spoken
Polski , English (United States)
******, PrimaSort Sylwester Kołodziej
Mr. Andrzej Kotula
Languages spoken
English (United Kingdom) , Русский , Polski
******, PrimaSort Sylwester Kołodziej
Mr. Kyrylo Podoroha
Languages spoken
English (United Kingdom) , Українська , Русский
******, PrimaSort Sylwester Kołodziej
Mrs. Klaudia Nowak
Languages spoken
English (United Kingdom) , Polski

Company information

Main activity: Logs exporter
VAT number (if any): 7352866759
Employees: 21-50
Creation Date: 2017
Member since: 03/07/2017