offer #18168854 Sat Sep 05 05:05:05 CEST 2020

Spruce , Fences - Screens

Solid wood type: European Softwood, Species: Spruce (Picea abies)
offer #17898752 Mon Aug 03 04:00:38 CEST 2020

Spruce Lumber AD 22 mm

Species: Spruce (Picea abies), Origin: Romania
offer #18311961 Tue Jul 14 09:31:39 CEST 2020

Fir , Spruce

Species: Fir (Abies alba), Spruce (Picea abies), Origin: Romania
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We offer fir/spruce sawn timber

Species: Fir (Abies alba), Spruce (Picea abies), Origin: Romania
offer #18305437 Mon May 11 11:16:08 CEST 2020

Fresh Sawn Spruce Lumber, 20+ mm

Species: Spruce (Picea abies), Volume: 800 - 1000 m3 per month, Length: 4000 mm
offer #17978830 Sun Nov 01 14:44:58 CET 2015

Air Dry Spruce Lumber, 24-95 mm

Species: Spruce (Picea abies), Origin: Romania


Since the beggining the main activity of our company was production and export of resinous timber in different countrys of Europe. Our company is maintaing commercial activitys in countries like Greece, Italy, Austria, Macedonia and Serbia.

One of the main objectives of our company is delivery of timber in quantity, quality and at the dimensions requested by our customers. We have, and respect clear procedures of work, which assure a constant and high level of quality of products and services that we offer. Using our talent, experience, passion and knowledge we give the possibility of what you are looking for to become reachable. We are constantly checking if our products and services bring satisfaction to our customers, if they are perfect match to their profile, if they are faithful answear to their request and satisfaction. Regardless we are a young company, shortly we succeded to assess on the market, thanks to the professionalism we are treating our customers with and thanks to the quality of our products. We are sure that you will find in our company the perfect buisness partener.


Mr. Ninel Visan
Languages spoken
Românã , English (United Kingdom)

Company information

Main activity: Softwood sawmills
VAT number (if any): RO 18480041
Turnover: 500 000 - 5 000 000 EUR (Euro)
Employees: 21-50
Creation Date: 2006
Member since: 04/07/2007