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str. Rákoczi Ferenc nr. 112, 535600 Odorheiu Secuiesc
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Our company was founded in 1994. Our first products were wooden toys made both for very small children and for older ones. Step by step we advanced towards al the areas of wood work. We began with smaller garden and kitchen pieces of furniture and roughly 10 years ago we turned towards producing doors. Presently we emloy more than 100 workers, because according to our clients it is the skillful handwork of experts what ensures the unique beauty and real quality of our products. Our products are soughed for their quality both on the western and on the eastern markets. In the Scandinavian technology we found everything what is important for our clients: good isolation, safety and last but not least adequate design. Wood is a nature material the product made of it mirrors your own taste, ensures a pleasant atmosphere in our surrounding and like this your door radiates, safety and beauty and behind it you can live your life in warmth and silence.

Industry Specific Information

Other activities
  • Hardwood sawmills ,
  • Softwood sawmills ,
  • Woodturning, wood turners producer ,
  • Windows manufacturers ,
  • Stairs manufacturers ,
  • Flooring, parquet manufacturers ,
  • Mouldings manufacturer ,
  • Cabinet maker, furniture joinery ,
  • Kitchens manufacturers ,
  • Chairs manufacturers ,
  • Interior furniture producer ,
  • Containers, cases, packs, crates manufacturers ,
  • Manufacturer of glued beams - trusses ,
  • Wooden houses, chalets manufacturers ,
  • Broker/ trader ,
  • Wood exporter ,
  • DIY, retail stores ,
  • Drying services ,
  • Planing services

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