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offer #18327356 Mon Dec 21 11:17:05 CET 2020

DINplus Pine/Spruce Pellets for Sale, 6.2 mm Diameter

Type: Wood Pellets, Origin: Poland, Quantity: 24 - 4000 ton Spot - 1 time
offer #18262605 Mon Nov 30 04:00:31 CET 2020

DINplus Pine/Spruce Pellets, 6 mm

Type: Wood Pellets, Origin: Poland, Quantity: 24 - 4000 ton Spot - 1 time
request #18212025 Thu Nov 26 16:15:30 CET 2020

Buying Pine, Spruce Wood Chips, Sawdust

Type: Wood Saw Dust, Quantity: 15000 m3 per month
offer #18229831 Sun Nov 01 04:00:42 CET 2020

Selling FSC Pine/ Spruce Wood Chips

Type: Wood Chips From Sawmill, Origin: Poland


WHAT WE DO. We deal with the processing and harvesting of wood biomass for energy purposes, production of wood pellets and fireplace briquettes. We believe that heat and energy generated from biomass can play an important role in reducing CO2 emissions to the atmosphere.

FOCUS ON QUALITY. We strive to constantly improve our products and services to better meet the needs of our clients. We pride ourselves in creating reliable high quality products. We focus on providing products with high energy value and low ash content. Quality is not quantity, it is our production indicator. The satisfaction of our clients is our priority, therefore we make every effort to ensure that the orders are processed immediately and the highest quality products offered. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us


******, Ziro Pellet Sp. z o.o.
Mr. Paweł Kujawa
Languages spoken
Polski , English (United Kingdom)
******, Ziro Pellet Sp. z o.o.
Mrs. Kinga Wieczorek
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Company information

Main activity: Wood pellets producers
VAT number (if any): PL5272756298
Turnover: 5 000 000-10 000 000 EUR (Euro)
Employees: 21-50
Creation Date: 2016
Member since: 23/09/2014